Letter to the editor 2, June 23, 2016

Dear Editor,

Full marks to YLJ for its broad coverage of local reaction to the horror of the murders in Orlando (Your Local Journal, June 16). My heart is shattered with the renewed knowledge that there is such hatred and fear in our world. As a caring community, we have not even begun to react. Surely it’s not too late to organize a vigil of support for our LBGT friends and neighbours. With advance notice, I am confident that attendance would be significant.

Yes, let’s have an annual Pride Day and come out as the caring people we are. Oh, and note to James Parry – allow me to gently correct your well-intentioned reference to gay, “lifestyle and personal choices.”

As my beloved late friend Jonathan once commented – given the ubiquitous abuse and discrimination endured by queer folk - nobody would “choose” to be gay.

Dianne Bradshaw

St. Lazare

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