Parrywinkle, June 16, 2016

Why? Why? Why?

Why, together with millions of others in our so-called civilized Western world, did my beautiful Sunshine and I awake early Sunday morning to learn that, while we were peacefully sleeping here in Hudson, others - in what has been headlined as the deadliest shooting in the history of the United States - would never see a sunrise again.

Gunned down, slaughtered, massacred - call it what you will - as they were enjoying life to the fullest and drinking and dancing the night away without a care in the world with their friends and loved ones at an openly gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

A city synonymous with magic and fun for the entire family at Disney World. And at a club named Pulse. Surely a synonym for life. For regardless of one's lifestyle and personal choices, a pulse - of which everyone has eight main ones in their body - is the first tell-tale sign that medics will check in extreme cases where all other visible signs of life are non-apparent. At last count, 49 dead, 53 others wounded. Many of them seriously and perhaps not to survive.

Why? Because of a deranged nutter gainfully employed up until last week as a gun-toting security guard, twice previously investigated by the FBI following his rants to co-workers, about ties to terrorist groups when he was working at a local courthouse? Or something more sinister? Who knows?

But this sad scenario will certainly be replayed, analyzed, dissected and talked about endlessly on CNN in the days and weeks to come. With bombastic Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, already bragging that he has been right all along calling for a ban on admitting Muslims into the 'land of the free' and asking the immediate resignation of President Barak Obama. And this before he even offered his condolences to the families of the victims. Real class, eh?


CELEBRATING LIFE – Not that we will ever be immune in Canada to such horrendous insanity on the part of lone wolves or deranged individuals with an axe to grind - albeit at the end of a gun - but how blessed we are to live here. And, more specifically, right here in Hudson. Free of racial, religious, linguistic, and sexual-orientation hatred, while living proof of tolerance for all.

Where last Friday, June 10, a sold-out Hudson Village Theatre celebrated jazz, film, the arts, and even Hudson Film Society president, Clint Ward's birthday, in a truly stunning show spotlighting local talent as part of our town's participation for the second year in a row in Arts Alive! Quebec.

Absolutely brilliant! Too bad it was only for one night as I'm convinced it could have enjoyed a much longer run. Perhaps we will see it back some time soon. Certainly hope so!

Then on Saturday, June 11, some 600 people of many faiths showed up en masse to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of the ordination of Father Roland Demers at St. Thomas Aquinas Church and later at the Stephen F. Shaar Community Centre.

It was standing room only for the Mass at the church where he has been pastor for the past 30 years and I have never seen the community centre so packed. Ever!

Earlier in the day, local residents and out-of-towners alike were having a ball enjoying Hudson's town-wide garage sale that went on despite the inclement weather. People buying stuff that they probably didn't even need and may even recycle in their own garage sale later in the year. Socializing to the max. And positive proof of positive thinking!


VIGIL FOR THE VICTIMS - And on Sunday evening, June 12, in a show of solidarity for the LGBT community, there was a vigil for the victims of the Orlando atrocity at St. James' Anglican Church in Hudson complete with a few very special and emotional moments of prayer and silence.

Said co-organizer, Vivianne LaRiviere, “Vigils are being held around the world for the victims of this vicious hate crime and we are choosing to do the same here in Hudson with a gathering in love and unity. We are taking the time to reflect, pray, and meditate on our connection with members of the LGBT. And yet, being gay is not something that gets talked about often. Nor is there much action taken to visibly demonstrate such support.”

Added Vivianne, “At times like these, some of us feel the need to have our voices heard, our hearts expressed, and to advocate for the justice of all that has been silenced and oppressed. Even in small towns.”


MEAL WHEELS NEEDED - And in our small town, one of the community's unquestionable invaluable volunteer-run resources is Hudson Meals on Wheels/Popote Roulante which, founded in 2000, prepares and delivers meals on Tuesdays and Fridays to Hudson senior citizens who have difficulty preparing their own meals. Well, as a result of retirements and health issues, this most worthwhile cause is looking for new drivers.

The commitment is to drive, as part of a two member team - often married couples - once each month on a Tuesday or Friday, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and deliver up to 15 meals within the boundaries of Hudson.

Interested? Then check out their web site at and if you would like to learn more about this volunteering opportunity or about cooking for Meals on Wheels just send an email to and they will get in touch with you.

I personally know several recipients of this invaluable service and they have nothing but praise for it. Long may it continue!

And now, in a departure from the norm on this page, less words and more pics about recent positive happenings in our fair burg. After all, they do say that a photograph is worth a thousand words!

And that's a wrap!


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