A bronze medal and $500 for Leucan Montérégie


Charles-Antoine Lepage, member of the athletics club Soulanges, finishes the last meters of the Ottawa marathon, in which his father, Dr. Patrick Lepage, chiropractor, had run the same marathon that last Sunday. A fundraiser as part of the Race Weekend in Ottawa resulted in donations totalling up to $500 for the Leucan Montérégie .

With a time of 25 minutes and 12 seconds, Charles-Antoine Lepage, member of the athletics club Soulanges, won the bronze medal in the 5 km race for the age category of 8 years old and under on Saturday as part of the Weekend Ottawa race. The Saint-Lazare resident arrived after Victor James from Ottawa (22: 50) and Marcus Locke also from Ottawa (25: 00). With the temperature at 32 degrees, the leaders of the races considered cancelling the event due to risks for participants. The trial of 10 km, to be held at 6:30 pm, had also been extended to 7 pm. Charles Anthony, his sister Juliette and their parents also attended the weekend of Ottawa Racing riders as part of a fundraiser for Leucan Montérégie.

The team of Dr. Lepage Chiropractic Center has raised $500 for this organization. Leucan's mission is to increase confidence in the future of children with cancer and their families. The Chiropractic Centre will organize a similar fund raising event in September. For more information: 450-455-9822.

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