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Le Nichoir receives a grant from the Liberal Government to continue project for new conservation cen


Hudson’s Le Nichoir bird rehabilitation centre is gearing up for expansion and improvement following an infusion of funds totaling almost $245,000 from Vaudreuil MNA Marie-Claude Nichols on behalf of the minister of Municipal Affairs and Land Occupancy, Pierre Moreau

Financial aid for Le Nichoir bird rehabilitation centre was recently announced by Vaudreuil MNA Marie-Claude Nichols on behalf of the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Land Occupancy, Pierre Moreau.

A total of $245,000 was granted to the organization for their ongoing 2009 project to construct a new centre for the conservation of wild birds. The new conservation centre will improve the care for the wild birds, strengthen the capacity of the educational program and improve the reception area for visitors.

“We are developing a wild bird conservation centre and the development plan for the centre includes new facilities and new programs,” said the President of Le Nichoir, Lindsay D’Aoust. “We are less than $100,000 away from our goal of $944,000. The money that we’ve raised so far has been through fundraising events, the Flowers for Feathers campaign, the Wildcard art, private donations, and grants.”

The grant of $245,000 came from the Fund of Economic Development, which is specifically intended for those who have actively contributed economically, socially, culturally, touristic, environmentally or technologically. Le Nichoir actively works on the development of the conservation of the ecosystem, which is why they were awarded the grant. The fund has the purpose to acknowledge those who are doing so, as Le Nichoir is a non-profit organization that hosts more than 3,000 birds every year and is the largest bird rehabilitation centre in Canada.

Le Nichoir has had two programs ongoing for 19 years, which includes wild bird rehabilitation and a public education program. The education program has been informal for the last two decades, but for the past two years, the organization has been working to offer education programs specifically for children in schools.

One of the new facilities mentioned in the conservation project includes a main building that will have a classroom inside on site at Le Nichoir.

“We’ve done the development of the education programs, we’ve built the multi-unit aviary complex, and now we’ve been working on finalizing the funding for a main building,” said D’Aoust. “The $944,000 is for the new main building, an essential component of the conservation centre project including programs and facilities.

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