Letter to the editor 2, June 9, 2016

Dear Editor,

It seems to me that most municipal towns around us are putting up new town halls in the $1.5 to $2 million range while we in St. Lazare have to be at almost $10 million. Just what is going on here?

Inflated egos or total disrespect for the taxpayers who are going to have to foot the bill? How much room does it require to grind out more tax bills?

I have heard that various groups were told not to sign the register last fall against the project if they wanted their own space for their meetings. Notices for the signing were almost nonexistent save an article in Your Local Journal and an ad in a French newspaper placed two weeks before the signing.

A show and tell information session was held three days before the signing with those attending not being able to stand up and address all in the room. The register signing was held on a Tuesday with the first snowfall of the season and the doors were slammed shut at exactly 7 p.m. in the face of those who wanted to sign, but with a slow commute home that evening and perhaps kids to pick up at daycare arriving as quickly as possible. We got 483 signatures with 500 needed and the resolution was passed at the next council meeting.

However I do not recall the 914 register signatures forcing a referendum on that trivial Dunes Lake file. Just what is going on in this town?

Is this absurd town square renewal still on the agenda as well as that St. Louis/Bédard roundabout? We also have $2 million squandered on this Au Galop farce and $1.2 million of it for the four old houses on Poirier between Chez Maurice and the park.


Richard Meades

St. Lazare

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