$11,000 in scholarships awared through the foundation of the Collège de Valleyfield: 11 students rew

On May 17 , during a friendly dinner , the Foundation of the Collège de Valleyfield proceeded to the delivery of eleven (11) grants totaling $ 11,000 through the financial contribution of loyal partners and employees. Since 2013, through the generosity of the Martial Malo family, the Collège de Valleyfield Foundation annually awards grants of $2,000 to three students in their 1st year . Since 2012, Hydro-Québec has also been working with the foundation to allow two students in the Industrial Electronics Technology , Mechanical Engineering Technology and Computer Science programs to receive a scholarship of over $500. Last fall, the foundation also announced two new college scholarships of $1,000, through the generosity of Mrs. Lynda Archambault and Centre D’Main de Femmes.

See below for the names of those who were granted the scholarships.

Martial Malo scholarships ($ 2,000 each): Grant of academic achievement: Rose Barre, student in Natural Sciences

Grant of returning to school: Geneviève Richard, a student in Humanities

Grant of returning to school: Cindy Valerie Vigneau, student laboratory techniques, analytical chemistry profile

Lynda Archambault Scholarship ($ 1,000) | This scholarship is intended to support a (an) student dealing with a chronic disease such as multiple sclerosis, cancer, diabetes and other chronic conditions 2015-2016: Joel Lupien, a student in Computer Science College

Scholarship Centre D’Main de Femmes ($1,000) | The scholarship aims to encourage a single mother to make a return to school to obtain a graduate degree.

2015-2016: Karine Berlinguette, a student in the Early Childhood Education program

Hydro-Québec grants ($ 500 each)

Industrial Electronics Technology - Perseverance: Jessy Lavoie | Finishing: Joey Desjardins Mechanical Engineering Technology -

Perseverance: Mathieu Hugues | Finishing: Ali Chokre Computer Science -

Perseverance: Alex Desrosiers |

Finishing: Jessie Fortin

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