Parrywinkle, May 26, 2016

Wow! What a wonderful long weekend weather-wise at long last. Convertibles carousing. Terraces open. Garden centres chock-a-block full. And with so much positive stuff unfolding in our fair burg in recent days.

On Thursday, the successful return of the Hudson Farmers' Market showcasing local vendors on its new site on the recently-manicured grassy knoll under the trees overlooking the parking lot at the corner of Selkirk and Main where it has always been staged to date.

Friday, donations for victims of the Fort McMurray picked up at the Hudson Legion Branch #115.

Saturday, Finnegan's famous flea market where I bumped in to many new vendors who told me they were gobsmacked at both the setting and the turn-out of potential buyers from throughout the region. And were all planning to return. There is still much more to come this weekend. Be that as it may, however, I'm going off on a rant. A big one!


BRING BACK THE STOCKS - And it's addressed to the moronic, imbecilic idiot or idiots who trashed and smashed a treasured hand-crafted wooden precious pergola before chucking it on a 10-foot high-cedar fence in pieces sometime late Friday night early Saturday morning.

What makes this senseless vandalism - is there any other kind? - so sad and poignant is the fact that it was at the home of Mary Jefferies, whose beloved husband Maurice passed away just weeks ago and whose life was celebrated at a packed memorial service at St. James' Church.

Says Mary, “I am so upset. After recently suffering a deep personal loss, imagine my horror on awakening on a beautiful Saturday morning in this town of ours and finding that persons unknown had decided that the wooden pergola near Selkirk and Park should be uprooted and flung on top of the hedge!

“This lovely decoration was made many years ago by a dear friend, Hans Kaiser, sadly also no longer with us, and when Maurice and I moved to Selkirk we decided it would be perfect on the corner. So many people mentioned how they enjoyed seeing it there, lit up at Christmas and surrounded by flowers. I cannot imagine what would prompt a person to such a wanton act of vandalism but if you read this, know that you have caused me further distress at the most sad time in my life.”

Mary, I'm not sure if these numbskulls can even read. Or even remember, when they possibly sobered up the next morning, their stupid act of vandalism that caused you so much hurt. Now I'm not a carpenter by any stretch of the imagination, but if there is anyone reading this who thinks they may be able to rebuild the pergola, or at least is ready to check it out to see what - if anything - can be done to save it, please give me a buzz at (450) 458-7154 or e-mail me at

And while we're at it, perhaps together we could build a big set of stocks to be erected outside the nearby Town Hall where we could coral caught vandals and pelt them for a day with eggs or fruit and vegetables or whatever! Perhaps exhibitors at the Hudson Legion-sponsored Farmer's Market would even be ready to chip in. Oops, the vandals' parents and appointed lawyers would certainly object as it would infringe upon… And we couldn't have that, could we?

What we could have, however, and something that many Hudsonites have told me they would like to see - including myself and my beautiful Sunshine who were also the target of such vandalism around the same hours last year - is beefed up Hudson Community Patrol presence in the village centre from Friday midnight on through Saturday morning. For as anyone knows, vandals rarely, if ever, strike during the day. As tax payers, is that too much to ask? Again, let me know what you think. And now let's move on to more positive stuff!


FORT McMURRAY BOUND - To literally a big moving van that showed up at the Hudson Legion early last Friday morning - courtesy of Demenagement Westmount Moving and at no charge whatsoever - to pick up all boxes and bags of items donated by local residents for delivery to Alberta to help victims of the Fort McMurray disaster that is still unfolding this week.

“Fantastic, unbelievable, and such a gracious gesture on the part of the company,” said Bruce Munro who initiated the campaign and who, together with Bill Sansom, was all ready to make the drive himself and at his own expense.

A gesture that came about when Bruce contacted Hudsonite and Senator, Larry Smith, a minor shareholder in the company. Said Bruce, “He immediately offered to help and support us and the next thing we knew there was a truck at the door.” Laughingly, he added, “With all the bad news coming out of the Senate in recent months, finally something positive to report!”

And so a really big bravo to all. Talk about a community spirit helping another community just under 4000 km away in their time of need!


SUPER SPRING FLING - Meanwhile, literally just a few minutes' walk from Mary Jefferies' home and adjacent to the market, the lawn of Wyman Memorial United Church is the place to be this Saturday, June 4 - rain or shine - for a fabulous finale to Spring Fling that is all about the garden. And with a fantastic raffle the proceeds of which will go towards helping the participating non-profit associations.

There will be plant sale kiosks organized by Wyman, the Hudson Garden Club, and the Hudson Food Collective with annual, perennial and vegetable plants aplenty. The Hudson War Memorial Library has been saving up gardening books and, for those looking for some inspiration or advice, this is a great opportunity to pick up one or more for a very modest price.

Volunteers from Le Nichoir Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre will be there promoting bird-friendly gardening with a giveaway of Allegheny Serviceberry shrubs to the first 75 visitors and will be selling Le Nichoir-approved hummingbird feeders just in time for the return of the Ruby-throated hummingbird. And the Greenwood Centre for Living History will be showing off entries from the Greenwood Great Lilac Photo Contest and announcing the winner during the event.

Oh yes, according to co-organizer Lisa Van Egmond of Hudson Greenhouses, there will also be great food, face painting, and the raffle. And, if all that was not enough to get you to come out, the Arts in Action Craft Show will be sharing the front lawn. So two great markets in one location. All in all, a great way to wrap up the first ever Hudson Rites of Spring Festival. It's all happening at the church, 513 Main Road, Hudson, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. And hope to see you there!


FABULOUS FLORALS - And still on plants and flowers, just learned from Jennifer Winn, a tireless volunteer this year for the St. James' Church Women 60th Anniversary Country Homes Tour happening on Thursday, June 2, that floral arrangements in a variety of containers - antique and modern - will be for sale at the church for the duration of the tour.

Says Jennifer, “Whether they are actually attending the luncheon or not, ticket holders are invited to check out these fabulous flower arrangements in china teapots, antique teacups, glass, crystal, silver, ceramics, decorative milk jugs, country baskets, and many other interesting and whimsical containers. Prices range from $5 to $15 for flowers from local gardens in the container and make a lovely memento of the tour or a gift to take home to someone special.”

All proceeds from the flowers and the tour itself go to the St. James’ Church fund helping both the church and many other charitable organizations in our community. So how can one possibly resist?

And that's a wrap!


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