Letter to the editor 3, May 26, 2016

Dear Editor,

Many thanks to Eric Holm who expressed very clearly what a lot of St. Lazare citizens are thinking (Your Local Journal, May 19, page 4). The mayor has been accumulating unpopular decisions on the way he his spending our money. The famous stunt he pulled on the registry of signature against the expense of $10 million for a new city hall was an insult to every citizen. If he would have installed as many signs for this issue that he did for the leaf pick-up, this irresponsible project would not be on the city files.

To add to the insult is his new brilliant solution of charging $25 for leaf pick-up when we already had this service in our taxes for the last 22 years, if memory serves.

I certainly don't understand cutting services that are needed in our area given the large amount of trees in the various sectors.

I am totally with you Mr. Holm; I just can't wait to put this pathetic administration out of the $10 million castle when the next election time is here.

Alain Bruneau

St. Lazare

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