• John Jantak

Senneville announces drainage infrastructure overhaul and new town hall registry signing


A registry signing will be held in Senneville on June 1st for the new town hall after council adopted a $1.8 million loan by-law for the project and Mayor Jane Guest said the $6.5 million earmarked to overhaul a large portion of the village’s water drainage system is needed to resolve long-standing issues regarding water flow and standing water.

Senneville is set to embark on a major $6.5 million project to improve the drainage situation throughout the village as part of a major infrastructure enhancement program that was announced at the Tuesday evening council meeting on May 24.

A small portion of the cost – $600,000 – has already been covered through a subsidy from the provincial gas tax program and the village is hopeful it can receive an additional provincial grant of just under $3 million that would halve the cost of the project and lessen the burden on taxpayers, said Mayor Jane Guest.

Most of the work is expected to be done in 2017 although other aspects of the project will extend into 2020, said Guest. She added that because of Senneville’s unique topography, a global solution regarding drainage is not practical and that different areas will require specific work.

The tax burden for drainage upgrade will be shared equally by all residents because it’s a project that will benefit the whole community, said Guest.

“It’s something that’s been plaguing Senneville for a long time and we just can’t let it go anymore,” Guest told Your local Journal. “We have to deal with it. Unfortunately, it’s a very expensive project but the longer you leave it the more expensive it becomes.

“It’s been looked at by council and determined this is the route that we need to take” Guest added. “The alternative of waiting and doing nothing would be far too costly. If this raises eyebrows, certainly the alternative would really be an issue. It’s something that’s going to take some getting used to. It will change the appearance of Senneville. There will be challenges for sure.”

Information detailing the type of work that will be undertaken throughout the various parts of Senneville will soon be available on the village’s website, said Guest.

New city hall registry signing

Senneville residents will have the opportunity to sign a register at town hall on Tuesday, June 1, if they oppose plans by the village to build a new town hall after council adopted a $1.8 million loan by-law that will allow the project to proceed if there is no opposition.

A total of 82 signatures is required for the village to hold a referendum that would determine whether the project will go ahead or not. If the required number of signatures is not reached, the village will be able to proceed with the project.

“Hopefully it will go through because it’s badly needed. The current building doesn’t serve our purpose anymore. We have seven administrative employees in the building right now who are kind of fighting for space. It just doesn’t have the necessary room to accommodate the workflow. It doesn’t even have a mayor’s office,” said Guest who works from a home office.

“I think Senneville deserves a nicer building and unfortunately the existing building has issues that make it too expensive and impractical to keep up with renovations. It’s better to start from scratch,” Guest added.

The village had originally allocated a total of $2.5 million for the new town hall and to renovate its municipal garage, but will use $760,000 from its surplus fund to cover part of the cost for both projects.

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