• James Parry

Remember the swinging hippie, trippy, peace and love era of the 60s?


Powerhouse singer Cheryl Lescom will be up front and centre on stage at Hudson Village Theatre’s season opener.

Cast your mind back to the 1960s. Assuming, of course, that you are of a certain age, can still remember it, and did not necessarily partake in an active role in all that was going on at the time. Namely, manifestations of peace, love, war, protest, hippies, flower-power, sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll. Indeed, some wags do say that if you remember the 60s, you were never even there!

Be that as it may, kicking off its 2016 Season Opener on May 25, Hudson Village Theatre promises to take you on a memorable journey back to the Psychedelic Era through the British Invasion, from Motown through to Woodstock, while sharing background and history about the original songs and artists saluting one of the most influential decades of our time.

Produced by Jim and Brenda Eagle, with musical direction by Peter de Sousa, titled the 60s Spotlight Show, and unquestionably a high-energy kick-off to HVT's Games We Play season, it runs from May 25 through June 5. And according to Matthew Tiffin, HVT’s Artistic Director, “This show rocks.”

Says Tiffin, “Audiences have been telling me they want more music in our seasons and I’ve heard many requests for music from the 1960s. This fabulous show, produced by an Ontario/Las Vegas outfit, rocks all the major hits of the era, taking you back on a nostalgic, trippy, peace and love voyage through the most vibrant, complex, and powerful decade of the 20th century.”

“Think,” he adds, “The Who, The Beatles, Diana Ross, The Dave Clarke Five, The Monkees, The Rolling Stones, Santana, and more. Showcasing multi-faceted musicians Peter de Sousa, Tim Louis, Adam Bowman, David Rodenberg, Matt Segriff, and Brandon Sanders.”

Vocals are fronted by powerhouse singer, Cheryl Lescom, who has been part of the Canadian music scene for over 35 years and who started off in 1975 with several of her own bands before becoming a backup singer for Ronnie Hawkins and touring with Long John Baldry, Jeff Healey, Matt Minglewood and Dutch Mason, to name but a few.

And as the late, great Long John Baldry once said, “Cheryl Lescom has one of the best and biggest voices in Canada. I’ve had many great singers with me over the years and Cheryl is by far one of my favourites!”

So, if you are in the mood for a fun-filled nostalgic blast from the past - that this time around you are sure to remember - you might want to rediscover your bell bottoms, put a flower in your hair, and head on down to HVT for the 60s Spotlight Show.

For more info, go to www.villagetheatre.ca and for reservations call the Box Office at (450) 458-5361 or contact hvtbox@videotron.ca.