Letter to the editor 1, May 19, 2016

Dear Editor,

Contrary to what some might think you don’t have to be in cahoots with Hudson city administration to like their strategic plan - nor do you have to be a scathing, sarcastic and vitriolic critic to dislike it. You just need to be a citizen with an opinion - that is the point of a public consultation.

However, this is not what we got May 12th. We got a lovely presentation filled with an even lovelier wish list. Very concerning is that there was little discussion of the huge population growth and development that the administration is counting on to fund these big dreams (and the developers that must be lining up to get started).

There was a small opportunity to ask questions (with considerable pressure not to from the animator). So what happened to our public consultation? Don’t tell me that the poorly advertised, poorly attended meeting held months before anyone heard the words “strategic plan” was supposed to be it. I have asked repeatedly over the last several months at council meetings if there would be a public consultation before this plan was implemented and was several times assured that yes, there would be. So don’t tell me that that initial meeting was supposed to be our consultation.

It was not advertised as such at the time, nor had it been referred to as when I was repeatedly asking when the consultation would occur. Am I against everything in the strategic plan? No I am not.

But I do have many concerns as do many of my fellow citizens.

Furthermore, there is an ethics complaint currently hanging over our administration. I had asked (and was turned down) that this plan be delayed until this case was over.

I have serious concerns and I urge everyone to take the time to read this complaint to be informed as well.

So I urge my fellow Hudsonites – whether you like the strategic plan or not – inform yourselves, ask questions, and push for a real public consultation.

I do want Hudson to thrive, grow, and prosper.

But it should be formed on the input of a majority of what the population wants – and we should have the opportunity to express this.

There was no democracy served here on May 12th.

Eva McCartney


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