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Landslide registry signing a formality as Notre Dame de l’Île Perrot prepares to stabilize area


The recent approval of a provincial government grant that will cover 74 per cent of land stabilization work in the landslide zone surrounding the Palissades de l’anse aux sables luxury home area has prompted Notre Dame de l’Île Perrot to announce a $3.4 million loan by-law to cover the entire cost of the project. Approval of the by-law is subject to the result of a public registry signing that will be held at city hall next Wednesday, May 25.

Homeowners living in the designated landslide zone area in Notre Dame de l’Île Perrot will have the opportunity to sign a registry if they are opposed to a proposed $3.4 million loan by-law for a project that will stabilize the surrounding land.

Mayor Danie Deschênes said the registry signing which will be held at city hall next Wednesday, May 25, is more of a formality and she doesn’t expect much if any opposition from area residents. It is exclusively for residents in and around the immediate vicinity of the Palissades de l’anse aux sables luxury home development who have been directly affected by the landslide zone designation, she said.

The good news is that the affected homeowners, who live in the area around Perrot Blvd and Simone-de-Beauvoir Street, will not be responsible to repay the entire amount that has been allocated for the project since the provincial government is providing a grant to the town that will cover 74 per cent of the $3.4 million cost.

“We’re really happy about getting the subsidy because we know it will go away at some point,” said Deschênes. “We’re one of the first towns to have received the grant.

“Whatever public land the city owns like the streets and the park, this will be covered by all the citizens,” said Deschênes. “The rest of the properties which are privately owned will be paid for by the owners according to the size of the land and the stabilization work needed.”


Notre Dame de l’Île Perrot Mayor Danie Deschênes said she

expects little to no opposition from area residents living in the

landslide zone around the Palissades de l’anse aux sables

luxury home development to a registry signing next Wednesday, May25,

for a $3.4 million loan-by which will be used to stabilize the area.

The landslide issue, which was first reported by Your Local Journal in November 2013, resulted in a construction freeze within Les Palissades as the town administration consulted with three provincial government ministries to find a solution as quickly as possible to resolve the situation.

The town, along with representatives from the Ministries of Public Security, Transportation and the Environment held a meeting for area residents in May 2014 to inform them there was no imminent risk of a landslide. They also presented proposals about would be done to rectify the problem. A geologic survey was conducted to pinpoint specific areas more prone to potential landslides.

For Deschênes who was elected mayor soon afterwards, finding a solution to the problem was a priority for the town’s administration. She also credited Vaudreuil MNA and former Notre Dame de l’Île Perrot Mayor Marie-Claude Nichols for keeping the landslide issue in the forefront during her current tenure as MNA for the region.

“We are very privileged to have this grant,” said Deschênes. “This is why we’re going ahead with the work. People agree we have to do it. If something happens 50 years from now and we didn’t do anything, it’ll be worse. And it’s not a huge expense. People will be able to pay for it over the next 20 years if they want to instead of making an up-front payment.”

The town is currently securing tenders to conduct another study this fall to determine which areas have to be reinforced. The stabilization work is expected to begin sometime in 2017 and completed before year’s end, said Deschênes.

Property owner and developer Gilbert Rashi, who has had to abide by the construction moratorium, welcomed the news of the eventual stabilization work.

“Terrific. They have a solution so let’s get on with it,” he said. “I’m quite pleased with the announcement. There’s not much I can do about the previous three years. All I can say is that it’s resolved so let move on.”

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