Parrywinkle May 12, 2016

I'm kind of blushing as I write this, dear readers. But I was seduced this past week. In the dark. In a theatre. Watching a French-language film with no subtitles. And with my beautiful Sunshine, completely oblivious, sitting right there beside me, no less!

What's more, it was only when the lights went up that Mireille admitted that she too had been seduced. And we both came away feeling jolly good about it. Permit me to explain.


PUTTING ON THE POSITIVE - For, along with a full house, and an overflow crowd at the Stephen F. Shaar Community Centre, we were watching a live screening of the Radio-Canada TV show. La Petite Séduction, at Hudson Village Theatre promoting the charms and the people of our little town by the lake. And tell you folks, if we didn't already live here - and have done for many years - we might be checking out the real estate ads in Your Local Journal right now with a view to moving here in a heartbeat.

No question, Hudson has its problems. Problems not likely to go away any time soon. But this night at the theatre for the hour-long show, shot here last year with the active participation of so many local families and volunteers and watched live on CBFT by over a million people, definitely showed the human and positive face of our community.

A community that is literally not burning down around us as is the case in Fort McMurray out in Alberta, where nobody is bombing us into oblivion, and where the biggest gripe of one resident - and believe me, I'm not making this up - is that blueberries are in short supply at local stores.

And so a big bravo to all from our town who helped make La Petite Séduction happen. Including Nicolas Pedneault, Kel Deegan, Céline Pilon, Vincent Maranda, Karen Burgan, Dave Dixon, and Pat O'Grady who acted as emcee for the evening in his inimitable style. Sheesh, as a writer, I thought I had a way with words. But Pat, blessed with the Irish gift of the gab, can certainly beat me into a cocked hat when it comes to standing up before a microphone!

If you were not there and would like to check out the show for yourself, go to, follow the link, and enjoy. We certainly did. And all the while being most pleasantly seduced!


FORT McMURRAY BOUND - Speaking of the tragedy unfolding out west, this just in. Bruce Munro, a long-time member of Hudson Legion Branch #115, has come up with a great idea to help the victims in Fort McMurray. He has been in contact with a lady in the Alberta Relief Centre who told him that there is still a real need for many items out there. And so, with the cooperation of the Hudson Branch and 10 other Legions in the area, Bruce has launched an appeal for donations that he will pick up personally and deliver by truck to the Centre leaving next Monday, May 16.

Items required comprise toiletries, shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, brushes, tampons, diapers, underwear, pillows and blankets, towels, face and wet cloths, pacifiers, baby bottles, kid cups, dog and cat food, garbage bags, as well as shoes and clothing. But everything must be new.

Bruce tells me he will be picking up all donations by this Saturday, May 14, and all will be gratefully accepted. If you need further info, give him a buzz at (450) 228-2969 or e-mail him at

The address of the Hudson Legion, by the way, is 56 Beech Street, adjacent to the Community Centre.

What's more, just learned prior to going to press that arrangements have also been made with Poirier IGA in Hudson and Brunet Plus Pharmacie just across the road that they too will be accepting donations for pick-up. Why not add on a few extra items next time you are in there doing some shopping and leave them at the counter. Talk about a community spirit!