• John Jantak

Road extension, traffic lights, and foul odour issues raised during Pincourt Council meeting


Pincourt council passed a resolution to set aside $15,000 to replace a traffic light post at Cardinal-Léger Blvd and Joseph-Laflèche that was knocked down in a traffic accident almost two weeks ago. The new post will be installed within the next two weeks.

The adoption of a $1.5 million loan by-law to build an extension for Chemin Pointe aux Renards was one of several items that were discussed during the Tuesday evening council meeting on May 10. The extension means that work on the long-awaited subsidized seniors’ housing co-op and a new residential project will proceed, said Mayor Yvan Cardinal.

“It’s to be sure we can get to the co-op and the housing project,” Cardinal told Your Local Journal. “It will be the responsibility of the town to pay for this part of the road. The other part of the road in terms of infrastructure will be the responsibility of the co-op and housing developers.”

Town Manager Michel Perrier said the extension will be built as soon as the town receives authorization from the provincial Ministry of Environment to proceed with the project. “It’s presently sitting with the ministry. As soon as we receive authorization, work will begin at that time. This will take anywhere from 45 to 85 days,” said Perrier.

The extension will be built in two phases. The first phase will extend the roadway to provide access to the site where the seniors’ co-op will be built. The second phase will extend Pointe aux Renards to the residential development that will be built soon after construction of the co-op begins.

Traffic lights

Council set aside $15,000 to replace a traffic light pole on the northern median of Cardinal-Léger Blvd. that intersects with Joseph-Laflèche Avenue after it was knocked down about two weeks ago in a traffic accident.

The accident resulted in the remaining traffic lights to continuously blink red 24-hours a day. Stop signs were also installed obliging motorists to make mandatory four-way stops at the intersection.

The incident marks the third time a traffic light pole at the same spot has been totalled in an accident, said Perrier. To keep similar incidents from occurring, the light pole will be repositioned further away from the intersection and surrounded by a metal barrier which should absorb the impact and be much less expensive to replace.

“I don’t know what it is about that spot – it’s like a magnet. It’s mind-boggling. We passed the resolution tonight so we’re going to book the electrician to do the work. It should take about 10 to 15 days and then we can put the light system back on line,” said Perrier.

Foul odours

In what’s become an unwelcome annual spring ritual the past three years for residents living near the town’s sewage treatment plant, another homeowner complained to council during question period about the noticeable foul odours that have been emanating from the facility recently and asked what will be done to finally resolve the matter.

Perrier said the town is currently installing a special process to treat the odours, which should be completed by the end of spring. When it becomes fully operational, the system is expected to eliminate the odours and bring relief to area residents and municipal employees who work next to the plant on Cardinal-Léger Blvd.

“We’re anxious to have this resolved,” said Perrier. “We have the fire station and public works department there too, so our employees are subject to that as much as the residents. We know how it is.”

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