Letter to the editor 3, May 5, 2016

Open letter to MP Peter Schiefke

Remember me? At the April 23rd climate meeting at the Willow Inn I'm the guy who complimented you on your "passion" for a cause that seems dear to your heart. I should have added that one could make the case that this passion is misguided. Allow me to explain.

First, you had advertised in the April 21st edition of Your Local Journal that the climate change conference was in honour of Earth Day. Need I point out that Earth Day has no relation at all to the "climate change" issue that seems to preoccupy so many politicians? Earth Day has everything to do with pollution and caring for the environment; "climate change," on the other hand, is a controversial, politically-charged issue that is concerned with distributing enormous sums of money to governments and organizations and individuals with the right connections.

Second, "climate change" is a misnomer. Earth's climate has been changing for hundreds of millions of years and will continue to change for hundreds of millions of years to come. Decades ago climate alarmists warned of global cooling and an imminent Ice Age. Then in an about-face that must have been embarrassing to any scientists who had signed on to the global cooling movement, suddenly global warming became the cause du jour. Then, when it became obvious that neither trend was likely to persist, the same alarmists invented the term "climate change." What will it be next?

Third, even if Earth's climate is "changing," there is absolutely nothing that Canada and Canadians can do about it. In the global context, Canada is a bit player. Our geography is big, but our population is small. We could take every car and truck off the road and shut down every manufacturing plant and farm and close any and every enterprise that emits any greenhouse gases at all, and still we could not make a dent in global emissions. Sure, we could set an "example," but at what cost? And to what avail? If you're going to spend untold millions of dollars of taxpayer money, spend it wisely and efficiently, not on a fool's errand that makes eco-activists feel good.

Fourth, what's all the fuss about carbon dioxide? CO2 is not toxic, it is not poisonous and it is not a pollutant. In fact, it is absolutely essential to life on Earth. Demonizing CO2 is like pointing to the sky and saying, "Look! The sky is blue; we have to do something about it."

Fifth, many scientists claim that there is too little CO2 in the earth's atmosphere, that we are literally starving our planet of a life-giving nutrient. Why do we only hear one side of the issue all the time? Is it because billions of dollars of "green" subsidies are being thrown around and vested interests want a seat on the gravy train? As I've been saying for years, to identify the perp, follow the money trail. Hint: The United Nations, the most corrupt organization on the planet, was the first to seize and frame the initiative on the global climate issue.

Sixth, why does global warming only have a down side? Why the hysterics about a one or two degrees rise in global temperatures when such a rise would be a boon to agriculture and help feed the planet's burgeoning population?

It's time we had an adult conversation. I resent being lectured to by powerful interests with a political agenda.

Respectfully yours

Barry Jackson

St. Lazare

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