Letter to the editor 1, May 5, 2016

Dear residents of Hudson,

It was a rainy Sunday so I thought I'd have another look at the Hudson Strategic Plan on the Hudson web page. Every time I do I get bogged down with the charts, the colours, the jargon about creating a culture and art center, opening up the Yacht Club to the public, creating a waterfront restaurant (they must not know about The Willow Place Inn), boat rentals, bus tours, 100,000 visitor a year on roads that can't handle the present traffic, graphs telling me Hudson is going to make money on this plan not spend it,

260 feet of commercial dock space with electrical hookups, bike rentals, certified planning firms to be hired to link the town to the water, a new 'state of the art' cultural and artist center with a restaurant (rumour has it located in Jack Layton Park!), our Mohawk heritage, an organic farm and on and on, I wonder what is so wrong with quaint, quiet, beautiful Hudson.

How can this be happening? It says in the plan that it is the result of the input of 203 citizens at a public meeting almost two years ago. Do 203 people really represent the ideas and will of the other 4,797?

Does Hudson really need a Strategic Plan of this magnitude and cost? Are we in such bad shape, or do we just need some nice, paved roads, a few trees and sewer and water to those that don't have it?

I'm not even sure if the residents of Hudson get to vote on whether or not they want to go ahead with the plan, spend $7 million, add more employees to the town roster, and forever change the fabric of Hudson. It just seems we are going way too fast for such a huge undertaking and that perhaps we all need a little time to digest the plan, understand how it works - and if it works - and then vote democratically whether or not we want to proceed.

I urge all of the residents of Hudson to petition the council and administration to put a complete stop to anything that has to do with the Strategic Plan until we have had at least a year’s worth of public meetings held at least once of month so we can collectively discuss the future of Hudson and come up with a plan that is truly democratic.

The Strategic Plan will affect the town of Hudson for the next 100 years. What's the big deal with spending another year to make sure that everyone is on board with the plan and that it is indeed 'our plan' and not the plan of a few?

Please attend the meeting on May 12th at the community center hosted by the council to discuss the Strategic Plan and voice your opinions.

Kind Regards,

Richard Grinnell


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