Letter to the editor, April 28, 2016

Dear Editor,

On behalf of St. James' organizing committee for the most recently ‘We are Called to Care’ benefit concert, I would like to extend a deep expression of gratitude for all that you have done to support this event.

Working with your advertising team, having the benefit highlighted in the ‘Things to See & Do’ column as well as being highlighted by James Parry (Your Local Journal, April 21, page 10)no doubt contributed to the success of the experience.

Though we are aware of the magnitude of the worldwide crisis of the refugees' exile in the world, we sometimes lose sight that these crises have ripple effects, even within our own community. If we can continue to extend our hands of generosity and care, and open our hearts empathetically to the needs and plight of those who are suffering, we have only to become better citizens of the world.

Regardless of our paths of belief or faith, I believe we are called to serve and save the world. May we as a giving community continue to reflect on our call to, 'love thy neighbour,' as we would so wish to be loved.

Thank you for your support and ongoing dedication to informing and serving our community, so that we too may move beyond our present mind-sets and hopefully reach out a little more, as I believe we are all 'called to care.'

We have received such overwhelmingly positive response to the benefit, we are considering offering a similar event in the harvest of the year.

Hopefully we may see you there!

Vivianne LaRiviere

St. Lazare

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