The OVS's 15th anniversary is a cause in search of additional funding

After underlining its 15th anniversary of existence, the Orchestre à Vents du Suroît (OVS), a non-profit organization, launched a wide campaign of funding with the goal to raise the funds that would total up to a sum of $25,000. This sum will allow the OVS to invest totally in their mission and ensure its sustainability. The funds collected will mainly support the activities of the orchestra in 2016 to 2017 . The earnings of the OVS are more than modest, coming in part as contributions from the members funding themelves on top of earnings collected from the sale of tickets for their concerts, and of publicity in its programs that ensure the continuation of the operation of the orchestra.

For his 15th anniversary, the OVS would like to:

- Assure for a second year row their participation in the Festival of the Harmonies and Orchestras Symphony of Quebec, happening on May 21, 2016

- To offer a concert in the frame of the "Journées de la culture" which will be held on September 30, and the 1st and 2nd of October in 2016 (concert must be free for the public in the frame of this event);

- Design a concert for the 15th anniversary in December 2016

- Broadcast to the public the concert of the OVS's 15th anniversary in external and interior of territory of Vaudreuil - Soulanges during the summer season (annual concert on June 18, 2016);

- Make a study of feasibility to set foot the OVS Junior program (OVS wants to become a space of valorization for learning music for youth. An opportunity to make music and to share with experimental musicians)

- Finally to be able to practice in adequate conditions, to offer a diversified repertoire and to maintain excellence, the OVS needs to renew their equipment, to buy instruments (some of which are expensive) and purchase lecterns. Also, the production of concerts is a significant expense.

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