Letter to the editor 3, May 14, 2015

Dear Editor,

Now that we have only one newspaper covering Hudson news events, would it be possible to find someone to write a column to report on more comprehensive happenings than the current Parrywinkle page? James’ admittedly often amusing musings are awfully limited. The library, Nova, the fi lm society, Clint Ward, the parties he and “Sunshine” are invited to, his own parties, his Coronation thing, the “bunker”, his holidays and trips.

I mean, there is a lot more to talk about in Hudson than James’ and Sunshine’s limited experiences. For instance, on May 2 there were three significant funeral services in Hudson. Fred Henshaw, Marg Lawson, Wesley Grey. How come he wasn’t at even one of them?

Doesn’t he know Hudson people?

He maintains that he only reports on “positive future-oriented” stories! What nonsense!

Hudson people would like to read things about themselves, the activities that affect their lives, what is happening or has happened etc. And for the record there are a lot of “positive future-oriented” themes expressed at memorial services of those who served their country and raised their families and added to the well-being of all in this town.

More substance please!

Naomi Henshaw


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