Letter to the editor 1, April 21, 2016

Dear Editor,

In response to recent comments and letters in this forum and social media, I will break tradition and publicly support certain decisions taken by the St. Lazare city council. When the leaf collection situation became a problem last year, we asked city council to find a solution. They did and implemented a $25 pick-up fee starting this year. We may not all be happy with the results but they analyzed the situation and came up with what is probably the fairest outcome possible.

This is a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. If they hadn’t done anything, people would have complained, they find a solution, people still complain.

I am sure some people are saying, “He must have a house with no trees!” So I want to set the record straight – I do have trees, lots of them – and year in, year out, put over 100 bags to the curb every year. Am I happy about paying more?

No, but I do find it fair and in the best interest of the community, I fully support the decision.

We are quick on the trigger to criticize every decision made and it’s much easier to complain than congratulate someone on a job well done. It’s good to hear sometimes that, contrary to what is perceived, not all are disenchanted with our city council and quite a few think they are doing a very good job considering all the challenges they are faced with!

Paul Lavigne

St. Lazare

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