Letter to the editor 5, April 14, 2016

Dear Editor,

Very disappointing to read that Your Local Journal is following the same propaganda line as other media in naming Vladimir Putin as one of the people on the Panama Papers’ list (YLJ, April 7) when he is not actually on the list. Because the list includes some of the people around him, the assumption is that he too is guilty. However, no one is naming any American or Canadian names that surely must be on the list and of much more importance to Canadians who would like to know who is cheating on their taxes here in North America.

(Bashar al-) Assad is named, some of Putin's cronies are on the list, even (David) Cameron's father is named but the media here and in the U.S. seems strangely reluctant to name anyone in Canada or the U.S. This is why I believe that this is basically a smear campaign (as Putin's spokesman has stated) against certain individuals and unfortunately your editorial is proof of this.

Kate Ranetkins


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