Letter to the editor 1, April 14, 2016

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the letter from Mr. Wolf William Solkin (Your Local Journal, April 7, 2016). I am very grateful that there is a voice that is clear, informed, and concise speaking for the veterans of Ste. Anne's, as there are so many who are unable to speak for themselves.

I am the daughter of a deceased veteran and we were always pleased to know that in the event of need my dad would have a place to go where he was appreciated and respected. I truly hope that has not changed, but nevertheless would have investigated myself, and spoken to the residents to get an informed opinion.

I am also in touch regularly with legion volunteers who visit Ste. Anne's and they have also voiced some concerns, so I would have expected Mr. Peter Schiefke, Liberal MP to look a little further into the criticism and try to speak to those who are personally involved in the daily routines at the hospital, abd that would have included someone such as Mr. Solkin. I have learned over the years that when a voice of reason, and wisdom, speaks it's probably a smart idea to listen.

Once again, my thanks for your efforts on behalf of your comrades and fellow residents, as well as for the right to be able to voice my thoughts and exercise my freedom.

God bless you Mr. Solkin.


Rosemary McConachie Jones

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