• James Armstrong

Tribute paid to Rigaud Councillor Michel Sauvé


An emotional tribute to the late Councillor Michel Sauvé took place at the Rigaud town council meeting Monday evening, April 11.

The place at the council table usually occupied by Councillor Michel Sauvé was draped with a Rigaud flag and a bouquet of white roses at the regular town council meeting held Monday, April 11. Mayor Hans Gruenwald Jr. invited the assembly to rise and observe a moment of silence and remember the highly respected representative for District 3.

At the end of the meeting, Mayor Gruenwald, Director General Chantal Lemieux, and Town Clerk Hélène Therrien folded the flag and presented it with the bouquet to Sauvé’s wife, Jeannine Brion and their sons Yannick and Stéphane. “This was a person who was in politics for all of the right reasons,” said Gruenwald Jr. with evident emotion.

During the meeting, official notice was given by the Town Clerk that a partial election would be held for the vacant post of councillor for District 3. A mandate was given to the firm Innovision+ to create an electoral list by June 12, 2016.

The business of the evening continued with the deposit of financial report for the year 2015 that was received and approved. The good news, according to the mayor, is an accumulated surplus of $2,180,000. When asked how the surplus would be used, he replied that it could be applied to the long-term debt or one of the town construction projects such as the new town hall.

Construction of the concrete base for the new Écocentre will begin shortly as council has granted the contract to Construction Paul Morin Inc. for the sum of $160,657. “It will be completely reimbursed by the MRC-VS (Municipalité Régionale de Comté Vaudreuil-Soulanges),” said Gruenwald in reference to the amount of money. He explained after the meeting that the reimbursement was part of the agreement that replaced the construction of a larger recycling center by the MRC-VS in Rigaud. “This one is smaller and costs much less,” he added.

The contract for the layout and first phase of a cycling trail was granted to Les Entreprises C. Sauvé Inc. in the amount of $88,322 and the company CIMA+ was given the contract to prepare a traffic flow study on chemin Grande Ligne where it intersects with chemin de la Mairie. The amount of money for the traffic flow study is $18,850.

The purchase of new outdoor recreational equipment from Techsport Inc. for Parc de la Poudrière was also approved for the sum of $21,739.

Council also provided financial support for the Third Annual Seniors of Rigaud Salon. The organizer of the event, Yves Pelletier, was given a $1600 grant to assist him in his efforts.

Council approved draft regulation Number 343-2016 that redefines the boundaries of the six electoral districts. A copy of the regulation is available on the town web site with a map of the changes to each district at http://tinyurl.com/j327yl8. The regulations are listed in numerical order.) It was made clear by the mayor that the changes would not affect the upcoming partial election in District 3 and will come into effect for the next municipal election in 2017.

The mayor welcomed Marie-Andrée Gagnon as the new Director of Communications and Community Relations. Among her tasks, Gagnon will be responsible for the upkeep of the town web site.