• Giampaolo Carli

Doubting the Christian Faith


As soon as we believe any particular fact, we open a door to the phenomenon of doubt. Ironically this very statement asserts something I hold to be true and is, therefore, itself subject to doubt! No, I am not trying to confuse anyone with useless riddles; I merely seek to dismiss any wishful notion that we could hold anything to be true without ever expecting some degree of hesitation, reservation or uncertainty. This applies as well to our most intimate and vital convictions, including our faith in Jesus Christ. Christian doubt is as complex as Christianity itself and can manifest itself in countless ways. Equally numerous are its effects on our spiritual, emotional and intellectual well-being. In some case, it can spur us to seek more knowledge and consolidate our prayer life, but in others, it may painfully bury us in dark self-questioning about who we really are, where we are going and how we should behave while getting there. Evidently, persistent doubt will not leave us indifferent and must be confronted. This is the subject of growing interest in Christian circles, especially in secular-minded North-America, and is the reason why I decided to organize a series of workshops entitled “Dealing with Doubt”. The objective is to train all participants to systematically recognize the different types of doubt and apply the appropriate proven remedies from the disciplines of apologetics, psychology, spiritual exercises, and more. These meetings will take place in the basement of Saint-Lazare church , 1980 ch. Sainte-Angelique, in Saint-Lazare, beginning on Thursday, April 21 at 7:00 PM. Christians of all creeds and denominations (Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox) are cordially welcome at no cost or obligation.

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