Letter to the editor 2, March 24, 2016

Dear Editor,

I'm very aware of the situation regarding Quebec's water resources, and can only imagine how bad it must also be in other provinces. Here in my province Italian and French companies have been buying most of our fresh water by buying the land and blocking local habitants from using the water they have been drinking for decades! My frustration does not only pertain to water wells but also to lack of support to indigenous communities who don't have access to fresh water, It's as if we had a third world country inside our own!

How degrading to be treated that way. If a small city close to Montreal had to boil its water for more than a month the whole province would be in an uproar. We need a better regulation of our water at a provincial and federal level. I need to do my part in fighting for this right for my kids and their future kids. I urge any mother or father who feels the same way to express their frustration and need for change by writing to newspapers and politicians alike.

Let's make ourselves be noticed!

It's time for the federal government to implement the right to clean water in Canada by passing an environmental bill of rights that respects, protects and fulfils our right to a healthy environment, including the right to clean water.

Hélène Van Eeckhout Notre Dame de l'Île Perrot

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