Letter to the editor 1, March 24, 2016

Dear Editor,

Over the years, my spouse and I visited all the Canadian provinces on the US-Border. It was his strong wish to see, with his own eyes, the oil sand industry in Fort McMurray. We visited the oil industry sponsored museum with the idea to understand what´s going on. It was autumn and rainy weather everywhere.

After a few hours driving around to find a campground with our mobile home, we at last found one in the outskirts and for the first time in my life, my body rebelled against my staying.

In 2013 this town was so focused on business success that even in the campground, people used their cars to reach the washrooms.

That was not because of the time, but because the walkways were in such a bad condition. Everywhere in Fort McMurray I could hear, smell and see that profit is the mastermind of all actions and behaviors. My stomach hurt and we left the area the next day.

I´m aware there has to be industries and business to earn money, but I refuse to accept that the environment and everybody´s health is worth less than any shares.

Take care of your wonderful country

What we do to the environment we do to ourselves.

Protecting the environment protects our human rights.

Irma Teichert St. Lazare

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