Letter to the editor, March 17, 2016

Dear Editor,

Signs measuring 1m (3ft) x 2.5m (8ft), proclaiming that a permit is required to cut down a 30mm (1”) tree, are strategically located around St. Lazare.

When the town of St. Lazare recently held an official signing for those against the expenditure of $9.2 million for a new town hall, which got 483 votes, not the required 500 votes, mainly due to the lack of advertising for the signing, there were no such public announcements or roadside signs posted around St. Lazare.

Seems that the town of St. Lazare values 30mm trees more than being open and transparent about spending $9.2 million of taxpayers’ money.

Question: Are the signs insulting to residents’ intelligence by showing a paperclip as the ‘gauge’ which residents should use to determine whether a permit is required?

Alan Nicol

St. Lazare

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