Parrywinkle March 10, 2016

Was going to devote this column to my personal, incisive, observations on the GOP farce that is sending seismic shock waves throughout the Republican establishment south of the border, the upcoming American election in November, its possible impact upon fellow residents of Hudson and environs, and why I'm hooked on watching Anderson Cooper on CNN for what has to be the craziest reality show in the history of television.

Also what ties, if any, Donald Duck - er sorry, Trump - has to our fair burg and whether the rumours that he is fishing for planning permission to build a casino and luxury golf course within putting distance of the Four Corners on Harwood are true. But I won't.

Because I have just learned of some really, really big breaking news that trumps all that. About a monster fish voted perhaps the biggest ever to be hooked through the frozen Lake of Two Mountains just a few hundred yards away from the shoreline here in Hudson that left local ice fishers literally reeling in shock this past weekend!


DENIZEN OF THE DEEP - For while Trump, Ted, Hilary and Bernie were all battling it out down in the U.S., Cody Goodwin and his fishing buddies were fighting to pull in a whopping big-bellied 54-inch Muskie through one of their ice holes out on Quarry Point. Would love to have been there.

For on a personal note, a couple of years ago in late fall, I was out on the lake with my fishing buddy, Quarry Pointer Ozzie Voortman, when we pulled in a real mighty Muskie after a fierce fight down under the Île aux Tourtes Bridge. Grabbing my camera, and as we always catch and release, I lined up the perfect shot to capture the moment for posterity. Guess what? The batteries were dead. Go figure!


PHABULOUS PHOTOS - Speaking of photographs, the Société de Développement Commercial d'Hudson (SDC) is currently in search mode for the best picture representing Hudson to appear on the front cover of a town map showcasing our community and its businesses to be printed soon. And to be made available online and as a pamphlet at tourist boards/agencies, the Stephen F. Shaar Community Centre and businesses throughout town.

“This is a great opportunity for all local photographers,” the SDC's Kel Deegan and a wiz with a camera herself told me this week. “It's open to everyone of all ages and levels and they can use any type of camera, including their cell phone. Nor does it have to be a new one. It could have been taken any time previously but it does have to represent Hudson.”

The deadline, by the way, is Friday, March 25 - when the winner will be chosen with full credit given - and entries should be sent to complete with your name and contact info, including your telephone number. But make sure that your image is large enough for print.

Sheesh, will always wonder whether that Muskie shot that got away would have won me bragging rights for a year. Nah. For it was so big, nobody - apart from Ozzie - would have believed it anyway!


COMBATTING CRITTERS - Still on local businesses, a big bravo to several in our region that once again will be offering discounts to members of the Hudson Garden Club that will be holding its next meeting at the St. James' Church Hall, 642 Main, on Tuesday, March 15, at 7.30 p.m. when the guest speaker will be Tereska Gesing, owner of Urban Seeding a company that helps Montrealers grow food in the city by planting vegetable gardens and doing edible landscaping in yards, schools and worksites.

Here in Hudson, HGC member Kathy Conway tells me Tereska will be giving practical advice on how to defend our vegetable gardens against unwanted pests, critters and diseases. Also that it’s time to renew one's membership or sign up for the first time ever at a cost of $20 before March 31, incidentally, and $25 after.