Letter to the editor 2, March 3, 2016

What has happened with Hudson tradition?

Dear Editor,

We have a long tradition in Hudson of maintaining our quality of life and resisting outside pressures, including the Language Police, and the unreasonable downloads (that the present mayor has now decided to incorporate in our mill tax rates). No one really understands or likes the MRC and how it is trying to become another imposing layer of bureaucracy with their own taxes. In the past we have had councils who have resisted outside forces all the way to the Supreme Court, and another mayor who joined other local mayors to stand on tracks to block trains protesting the charges and services. Because they truly cared for the Hudson quality of life that has been lauded everywhere including a memorable article in Harrowsmith magazine. A few people want to change this dramatically, and once again we are confronted with the statement, “We must develop and grow.” There is no real valid reason or basis for this belief.

Hudson taxpayers pay their taxes for services provided and to at least maintain the value of their homes and community – and yet for more than two years now we’ve seen a decrease in basic services and there has also been an increase in damage to our properties resulting in a loss of property value. The recent budget claims that the average single-family valuation in Hudson has increased to $464,882. I doubt this very much. There are a number of properties that are valued at more than half a million dollars but the majority of the 2200 homes would have a sales value not more than $300,000 - and these values have been affected lately from the damage by the town to fences, hedges, an unrepaired broken dam, a lake still drained after two years, roads in complete disrepair for years, plans for 40 per cent population growth, and a planned zoning nightmare that is unclear.

We can expect more debt from grants that were lost because administrative requirements were not completed while the town has been engaged in firing people and dealing with subsequent lawsuits, resulting in a legal budget that could have repaired a lot of roads. All this while we deal with Louise Villandré’s million dollar plus theft.

No one knows how much has been spent on the fantasy strategic plan including $35,000 for its "mission statement" which has been promised for March except a contractor has not yet been hired. When will the residents have the opportunity to reject this entire plan so we can get on with the proper administration of our "small town?"

We desperately needed a significant improvement in our town's overall administration and this has obviously not happened.

It’s also been traditional for Hudson taxpayers to get straight answers to questions asked.

Trevor Smith


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