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Midget Stallions shine at provincial awards ceremony


(From left to right): Connor Staples, Cooper House, Coach Warren House, Cameron Wilson, Troy Lendvay, Head Coach Pier St-Vil, Anthony Parison. Kneeling in front: Maxym Seguin.

The Québec Midget Football League Awards Gala was held Saturday, February 12, at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in downtown Montreal and the St. Lazare Stallions, for the first time ever, won six Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards at the ceremony.

Head Coach, Pier St-Vil, stated he was extremely proud of the fact that six players were chosen as Provincial MVPs, especially because we don’t have as many players on the roster as some of the bigger cities in Québec. The team played in the Wilbert Scott Division.

The Midget Stallions will commence Spring Training in March. Any new players interested in playing in the best league in Québec can contact Coach St-Vil at (514) 267-2934.

Stallions players honored as Provincial MVPs were:

MVP #88 Troy Lendvay Wide Receiver

MVP #5 Cameron Wilson Quarterback

MVP # 4 Cooper House Line Backer

MVP #68 Connor Staples Defensive Line

MVP #60 Anthony Parison Offensive Line

MVP # 31 Maxym Seguin Defensive Back

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