• Carmen Marie Fabio

Another delay in Hudson drunk driving case


Defense lawyer Philip Schneider requested more time to analyze evidence disclosed the morning of February 26 by crash scene investigators following the June 12, 2015 Hudson accident that left 21-year-old Tina Lyon Adams severely injured.

The case of the young Hudson man accused of driving while intoxicated last June 12 and causing bodily harm which left Tina Lyon Adams with extensive multiple injuries has again been delayed due to a delay in evidence disclosure from the crown.

“The last time we were here, I asked the crown to complete its disclosure obligations by supplying me with the expertise report that was done by police experts who do verification of the scene of the accident,” said defense lawyer Philip Schneider at the Valleyfield Courthouse February 26. “That report I received this morning.”

Jordan Xavier Taylor was charged with 10 counts – five for each victim – in the Cambridge Street accident that left Adams still in a wheelchair as she recovers and her friend Alique Langlois with minor injuries. Taylor is also accused of failing to stop for a police pursuit, dangerous driving causing bodily harm, and criminal negligence. He was arrested and held in custody until June 17 when he was released on $10,000 bail.

Schneider said he needs time to look at the report, analyze it, and consult other experts if he deems it necessary. “I also need to consult my client and verify certain details with him.” He said the delay in providing the report is not unusual and in some cases can take up to a year depending on the urgency of the matter.

The next scheduled pro forma court date is May 3 to allow Schneider time to read the report and for complete disclosure of evidence from Crown Prosecutor Catherine Sheitoyan.

“I’ve asked for any police video interviews that were done with witnesses, if they exist,” said Schneider. “If they do, I want to see them before we fix a preliminary enquiry date for the case.”

Sheitoyan, who was not present in the courtroom, had originally asked for Taylor to be held in custody following his arrest, citing the severity of the charges. Taylor was released June 17 after a family member posted his $10,000 bail.

Adams was in attendence but did not take media questions.

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