• Kelly Delorme

Hurray for Hawks


The Hawks U10MB Division-2 soccer team won gold at a Laval tournament February 13 - 14 despite a rough beginning that doubted they’d make it past their first game. Our kids played with their hearts. A big congratulations to the team, to the boys, and to the parents! Thank you for your time and your dedication to the team and to the tournament. Our boys won this weekend because of perseverance and persistence. We never stopped. We weren't the most talented team but we had the most heart! We were scrappy and didn't give up, even after 20 penalty rounds in the finals!

Archie, Luke and Alec, we missed you. We are so proud of the team, of their spirit, of their determination and of their camaraderie. We will remember many great memories of the weekend, like the kids' great playing, their coming back on defence, the last minute goals that helped us go on, the coming back from behinds, the yellow card (!), the close misses on both sides of the field, the saves. But mostly, we remember their smiles and joy when we won. Thanks again parents. We couldn't have done it without you.

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