• Kim Tetley-Gerard

Eleven gold and three silver for St. Lazare Taekwondo


Pictured (left to right): Olivia Milner, Gavin Simpkin, Thomas Lecompte, Olivia Wood, Kiefer Gonsalves, Xander Derix, Gabriel Milner, Kaitlyn Ip, Elinda El-Hendi, Emeric Lecompte, Austin Brown, Connor Wood, Emma Gonsalves, Master Stephen Chevrier (coach). Not pictured: Julia Lamarche.

On Saturday, February 6, in Coteau-du-Lac, 14 competitors from St. Lazare Taekwondo attended the Sud-Ouest Regional Finals for the Jeux du Québec. Coached by the ever-enthusiastic Master Stephen Chevrier, all competitors displayed outstanding performances demonstrated by a grand tally of 11 gold medals and three silver medals. Among the gold medallists were yellow belt green stripes: Olivia Milner, Thomas Lecompte, Emeric Lecompte, Olivia Wood, Connor Wood and Kiefer Gonsalves. Green belt gold medallists were Gavin Simpkin and Elinda El-Hendi. Elinda won her first fight 7-1 and her second fight 5-4.

Blue belts Julia Lamarche and Austin Brown (red stripe) also took home gold. Austin, 10 years old, won his fight 8-7 against a 12-year-old red belt in an exhibition match-up. First time competitors and new yellow belts: Emma Gonsalves and Kaitlyn Ip sparred against each other, bringing home gold (Emma) and silver (Kaitlyn), respectively. Xander Derix, green belt, brought home silver after winning his first fight 11- 4, but slipped out of the lead with a final score of 10-13 in a tightly matched second fight.

Gabriel Milner, yellow belt green stripe brought home a silver medal after sparring with another equally matched teammate, Emeric Lecompte. Well done! Thank you to the parents for your continued support and special thanks to Woots restaurant for hosting a celebratory lunch.

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