Letter to the editor 1, Feb. 4, 2016

Dear Editor,

I decided to write this letter to draw attention to the fact St. Lazare has some very serious problems concerning land stability.

We have sinking homes which may number in the hundreds due to the fact they were allowed to be built on unstable ground around 14 years ago.

Now I’m not talking enough to be visible from the street but just enough to put doors and windows out of square and require a $60,000 jack up.

Many new houses and some commercial buildings are seeing pilings hammered deep down to eliminate this from happening again and kudos to those doing it.

Then we have our famous slide zone area despicably invited down on us in 2002 and officially adopted in 2008 without anyone knowing about it until I made it public 4.5 years ago.

Also flooding and water infiltration has been an issue for many years as much of this town is a pseudo swamp which also breeds hoards of mosquitoes.

Now I could go on and on but there’s a blog that has been up on the internet for almost 10 months. Yes it tends to be satirical, and negative but is as factual as is possible.

Either google “Saint Lazare truth serum” or go to www.trappedinchalinevalley.tumblr.com and learn some of what they would prefer be kept quiet and allowed to fade away.

Had the residents of Chaline Valley been given an open committee specifically for this slide zone curse to try and find true and lasting solutions rather than trivialise it with a lot of talk, this blog would have never come into existence.

The town promotes itself quite well with over advertised festivals but minimises any knowledge of register signings against expensive projects whether absolutely needed or not at this time.

Richard Meades

St. Lazare

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