• Lauren Mitchell

St. Lazare inaugurates new fire station


After many years in an inadequate setting for St. Lazare's fire department, the town has recently inaugurated its new $5 million fire station that includes plenty of space for the emergency vehicles, firefighters, and administrative staff.

Citing a long-overdue need and a previous structure that could barely contain the trucks, equipment, offices, and workers, the Town of St. Lazare opened its brand new Fire Station on Friday, January 22, with the help of Soulanges MNA Lucie Charlebois and Mayor Robert Grimaudo.

“I am very happy that you all finally have a nice place to do your work because the old building was not well suited to the requirements of the firefighters and the equipment they needed to do their job,” said Charlebois during her opening speech. “I would really like to thank the city for their collaboration in making the new building happen, because we couldn’t have done it without you and your support.”

The new station now located close to the former one at 1800 avenue Bedard consists of many new features in its entirety of 1,433 square metres, and lots of space for the department’s staff. Along with administrative and operational offices, there is a workshop, a multipurpose room, and a designated space for training and emergency measures. The building also incorporates dormitories and locker rooms with showers and a communal kitchen. Most importantly, a large garage area and indoor parking destination for the emergency vehicles has been expanded to four exit doors instead one of the single exit door of the previous station.

“I’ve seen the evolution of the services offered by our firefighters,” said Charlebois “It’s not just combatting fires, it’s being able to prevent them too. I see all the training, all the passion by everyone who works in the fire safety department and I know very well what it demands of all of you. It’s more than just combatting a fire, it starts in prevention. I want to take this moment to take my hat off to you because it is not often that we have this occasion to do so.”

The total cost of the project was just under $5 million, with $2,685,372 provided by the government through the Programme d’infrastructures Quebec-Municipalites (PIQM). The town said the safety and security of its residents is a priority. Mayor Grimaudo said the new station will eventually have the capacity to adapt to the requirements of a growing population.

“We work as a team and the results are obvious,” said Grimaudo. “We have a new station today, which can adapt to the needs of a population of 20,000 people, which we were due. Our firefighters have been very patient in the last few years, so thank you all for your patience.”