Letter to the editor 1, Jan. 21, 2016

Dear Editor,

We in Hudson have been so focused lately on the little things that have happened in our town over the last couple of years, including the disappearance of Pine Lake and the monetary theft at Town Hall, that we have been ignoring the really big problems we will be facing along with the rest of the world. I am talking about Climate Change. An imperative need for reflection is being ignored entirely here in Hudson. Nothing, in my knowledge, has recognized the need for change in this town. Some years ago, we enjoyed a moment of glory by banning decorative use of Pesticides. Big deal.

I do not even think the ban has been respected that much. When a new home orders a load of turf, for instance, it comes loaded with pesticide... so what do we do about that? Nothing. I am sure there are many infractions here that go undetected and ignored.

There are so many issues that have to be faced and dealt with. Here are some of them. Perhaps other readers could suggest more. We can all get on the same band-wagon and effect a real change in this village. We could become famous for our forward thinking! We would be considered to be a healthy place to live, and would not be relying on changing ourselves into a "tourist destination" as some people are ill-advisably recommending, with all its accompanying polluting aspects.

The town now has everyone outfitted with two huge bins (garbage and recycling) which are collected twice a week. I imagine that many of these bins are half-empty, but nevertheless, our streets are polluted twice a week by the sight of these endless huge and ugly containers, and the trucks that pick them up which go up and down each street twice because the lifting arm is on one side only. It doesn't occur to anyone that the containers should all be on one side. These big trucks get four miles to the gallon, and they patrol our streets endlessly causing air and noise pollution.

We still waste pure water washing cars, watering gardens, washing dishes, scrubbing the floors, flushing toilets, etc. We waste water as though it is an endless supply. Attempts have been made to inform and educate the public here in this town, but these efforts have failed due to lack of public interest. There was once a Green Committee but not enough people were interested. Change will have to come from the top. Recycling should be mandated properly. The City of Toronto has a good system which could be copied here.

Light pollution should be regulated. Some of the new property owners here in Hudson have far too many outdoor lights, on their houses, and on the street! These lights are not only superfluous they are disturbing and wasteful. They are also left on all night and are contrary to the public interest. Leaf blowers cause noise and air pollution and are banned in many municipalities.

Golf courses should be monitored and held responsible for the pollution they cause. There is no rational need for fairways to be nurtured beyond any reasonable expectation. The fairways are now like greens.

If the activities of the inhabitants are ignorant and wasteful, the town should make by-laws and enforce them.

Leadership and knowledge are required from our civic representatives.


There is no time to waste!

Naomi Henshaw


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