Letter to the editor 3, Jan. 14, 2016

Dear Editor,

On January 4, while driving to the Memorial Library in Hudson, I had a driving mishap. With the sun in my eyes, a car on my left side on Elm St. and two teenagers walking close by, I misjudged the corner turn from Lakeview. Then, instead of reversing, I tried to bulldoze my way out. Big mistake, I was now firmly stuck in the snowbank. The high school students came to help. I found a shovel in the trunk and began to dig.

Then Mike, from a snow clearing company stopped to give assistance. First everyone tried to push but to no avail. "Do you have a rope?" Mike asked. When my response was negative, the teenagers said that they knew where to get one, and they did in a nearby house. Mike was flat on his back on the snow under the car for five minutes to attach the rope. He made a fancy knot, and a grey pick-up truck drove by and stopped to help. I was pulled out in a few seconds. Then Mike tried to undo the knot, but wasn't able to. "We need a knife," he said. I did not have one. A dad who was picking up his kids from the school bus said that he would send his son back with a knife. The teenagers cut the rope and then returned it to the person who lived nearby.

And off I drove to the library.

Long story, right? But it's all to say thank you to all of the Hudsonites who helped me. So happy to live in a village with kind, caring people!

Happy New Year!

Fiona Hellstrom


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