Letter to the editor 5, Dec. 22, 2015

Hudson administration

Dear Editor,

Have just read Diane Piacente's letter ranting on about all the bad things that have occurred in Town Hall starting with the crime that Louise Villandré perpetrated in stealing money from the public purse.

I might suggest at this time, Christmas, we might start thinking positively and remember words fitting to this season. Forgiveness, tolerance, redemption, love, understanding, moving forward, giving another chance, receiving.

Hudson is our home. Louise is a citizen of long standing. She comes from an early family of settlers and developers of this community. She worked diligently and capably for the town for 43 years. I don't pretend to know what happened to her, but I think we as a town, and as a caring community, can come up with some proposal that Louise would be able to redeem herself here at "home." Maybe go back to working as an administrator at Town Hall. She was certainly very good at it. But ...no stealing this time!

Think of the "good" publicity this action would incite abroad. The Town could achieve a high regard from other communities. People would want to come and live and work here. Well, they would if the zoning were adjusted and there were any places to actually work. We could "fix" Pine Lake! We could declare a small light industry park; we could make bike paths, and boardwalks and parking spots by the river. We could make Sandy Beach a real public beach. We could fix the wharf. We could complete the sewer system to cover the whole town! By this opportunity for a simple Act of Redemption we can change the whole place! We might even have Town Hall running smoothly again!

Hudson will continue untarnished and unblemished forever.

Merry Christmas to all.

Naomi Henshaw

Hudson (and Mexico)

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