Letter to the editor 3, Dec. 17, 2015

Dear Editor,

On the night of December 8, a small band of people gathered on the front lawn at Hudson Town Hall to celebrate the Jewish Holiday of Chanukah.

The Chanukah story depicts resilience, a miracle, and light. Thanks to the initiative of Rabbi Labkowski of St. Lazare and the previous Hudson council and the continued support of Mayor Ed Prévost, lights were ignited atop the giant eight branch menorah standing beside a Christmas tree.

Starting with one light, every night for the eight nights of Chanukah, another light is added.

As we stood there singing the blessings, regional history came to mind. My imagination wandered off to little-known stories about Jewish immigrants who lived into our region early in the twentieth century. What would they have said about an opportunity to light a public menorah? Imaginary voices responded,

“I am grateful… Grateful, to have survived the atrocities in European during WW II. Grateful that, on the very roads they travelled as pedlars more than a hundred years ago, today stands a public menorah. Grateful that, beside the multi-coloured Christmas lights decorating Main Road in downtown Hudson, stands eight simple white flames carrying a message: Together we can light up the night.

Light eradicates darkness. May we share only bright news in the year to come.

Elaine Steinberg


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