Letter to the editor, Dec. 3, 2015

Letter to the USA

Ok,Is it enough,now? Can we finally say that’s enough?

Can you see, can you see... that you are killing your own selves every single day?

How about saying, “We won’t take it any more”... like the movie Network?

Shout it out, take a stand. Stop with the guns. NO more loved ones being mowed down by one nutbar or another (call them what you like) because of the ‘right to bear arms.’

There’s just too much mental illness in today’s American Society to allow such freedom of gun access. Is it not so obvious? Do you have to lose your own child/mother/brother/father/cousin before your realize that guns create death, and tragedy, and murder?

I thought that Sandy Hook would be the clincher. So incredibly heartbreaking, that 20 kindergarten children were murdered in their own ‘safe’ little school, and just before Christmas, and not just them, but six of their teachers, their principal, those who did everything to defend them, throwing their own lives in the path of the killer, who had obvious mental illness, and who had easy access to guns. And then, you all just let that pass, and said, ‘oh too bad’, ‘yes, but we have the ‘right to bear arms’’... and then your killing continues....

I was hoping, as we all have been hoping here in Canada, and perhaps around the world, that you, the American people would come to your senses and take a stand, and get rid of the damn guns.

It’s almost time for another Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, and a Selma protest to help you stop this mass murder that is killing you every day. Just pile ‘em all up, gather up the guns and have an enormous bonfire. But no. And no, years later, you have mass killing every single day in America. And when it happens, the neighbourhood wonders how come.

Never saw it coming... what a surprise. Well, it’s no surprise anymore. You keep this gun culture alive, you’re going to kill yourselves off.

You, the American people, are the Terrorists. They are you, and this is horrifying to all of us. We don't want to lose you.

Helen Henshaw


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