• Paul Haddad

Western Patriots Mosquitoes sting


This is the first and only Ballon d'argent championship for the Western Patriots organization (number 1 in Quebec).

In order to get to the provincial final, the kids had to beat two teams in the playoffs which they lost to in the regular season. They won the Montreal regional football League championship and and the Provincial Championship (Ballon D'argent) November 14.

The Head Coach is Tony Harris and the team showed top-notch defense in stopping the two highest scoring teams in the league to a touchdown a piece.

The Patriots won the provincial final against the St-Hubert Rebelles (Ballon dargent) for a score of 30-2 (Yes only 2 points for a safety!) and won the MRFL (Montreal Football Regional League) championship game against the Sun Youth Hornets 16-6.

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