• Carmen Marie Fabio

Car crash in Hudson


An 86-year-old woman was transported to hospital Friday, November 20 following an accident on Mount Pleasant near the corner of Cameron Street in Hudson just after 4 p.m.

“I had just finished putting up my snow fence in front of my hedge before heading inside,” said resident Victor Paris on whose property the car overturned. “I saw something out of the corner of my eye and heard the crash. I looked out and saw the car flip.” Paris immediately called 911.

Assistant Hudson Fire Department Chief Daniel Leblanc said an attempt to remove the driver from the wreck was initially made through the rear window before the firefighters opted to cut off the roof of the car using pneumatic equipment. With the deployment of the airbags, the car is considered a write-off.

“We’re not exactly sure why she lost control,” said Leblanc.

Firefighters from Hudson and St. Lazare, as well as police and ambulance responded to the call.

“I could very easily have been walking right there,” Paris said of the trajectory the car took before coming to a stop, on the driver’s side, in front of his driveway. “Fortunately, the damage is just a few plants and landscaping.”