Letter to the editor 1, Nov. 19, 2015

Dear Editor,

I was would like to post a small letter of gratitude for the late Evan Thifault (son of Hudson's IGA's director) who passed away last October 2nd tragically in a car accident at the young age of 27.

There are Angels amongst us!

Evan Thifault came into my life five years ago when I took on the daunting task of restoring our 1914 house on 72 Cedar in Hudson. Evan walked into the house while it was resting on wooden stilts, since I just excavated 11 feet under the house to build a proper basement. He walked with total amazement and enthusiasm through the rooms, explaining how this house was built and what transformations it must have gone through by looking at the different materials and techniques used. He noted the rotten window sills that would need changing and that he would remake them in the same technique as they were done back in the day, but that he first would have to do some research to make sure.

This was just an introduction to the world that he so loved, but there was more than that!

Contrary to some unfortunate experiences one can have with contractors, this young man was sincere, honest, and most of all really good at what he did. He would work on a project and on it himself until it was the way it should be done (those were his requirements). Did I say that he always smiled? So when I asked him if he could build the missing doors for the kitchen cabinetry and match the wood, style and technique, he did it!

When he saw that I struggled in planning and building a staircase into the newfound basement in a house where there was no provision for another staircase, he took his time and then he delivered and matched the new staircase to the 100-year-old existing staircase making everything look like as if it was always there.

When I asked him why he was using so much wood under the staircase, he simply said "I want it to last for a hundred years or more and it will never squeak."

Evan, the staircase makes not a single noise since you built it! The most amazing thing happened when a local contractor walked out on me just one week before Christmas, before the mudroom structure was up. When I mentioned that to Evan, he was there the next morning making a drawing for me of what he would build and it was done a week later and he even put a metal roof on it. Evan, we thank you for everything and your craftsmanship and artistry will live on for many generations to come.

You were an angel and I have proof.

Michael Kachani and family,


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