Letter to the editor 3, November 5, 2015

Open letter to Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard

Dear Mr. Couillard, I love school. This is my grad year, and I’ve been looking forward to this year ever since I was in kindergarten.

But now I’m worried. Everybody’s worried about what will happen to our future. Our teachers want to help, and they want to make this a great year for us, but they can’t. They’re standing up for us because you want to take away school funds. You want to put 40 kids in a class with one teacher. You want to take away support for special needs kids. It’s already so crowded with 25 kids in the class. There’s no more room. How could we ever fit in 40 kids?

It’s already so hot in there, because the school doesn’t have air conditioning. How could I ever learn anything with only one teacher for 40 kids? Why is it more important to spend money on lighting up bridges and having festivals than on education of the children? If you didn’t get a good education when you were a kid, do you think you would still be in the position you’re in today?

My brother and I got up early this morning and went to support our teachers, because they are striking for US! We need an education. The future of Quebec is in the hands of the teachers. If they can’t teach us well because there are low funds, the future is doomed!

Please don’t make cuts to education. Cuts Hurt Kids!!

Vivian Gooding, Grade 6 Luke Gooding, Grade 5

Evergreen Elementary School

St. Lazare

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