• James Armstrong

Rigaud refreshes its name, logo, web site, quarterly bulletin and town signs


Bright new signs welcome visitors and residents to the re-branded Town of Rigaud.

A new look has come to town in Rigaud with the launch of a new web site on Wednesday, October 21, and accompanying the site is a new logo designed to represent three major aspects of the town: the mountain, the rivers, and agriculture. A change in terminology is also part of the new look for the town.

“With the number of citizens we have in Rigaud, we are the last town of that population to be using the term ‘municipality’,” said Mayor Hans Gruenwald Jr. Officially, Rigaud is now referred to as a town not a municipality. “Twenty years ago it was the Ville de Rigaud and the Paroisse de Saint-Madeleine-de- Rigaud,” said the mayor explaining how the two governing bodies merged to officially form the Municipality of Rigaud. As the new slogan for the town says, “Vivement chez nous” and in the words of the mayor, “It’s happening in Rigaud.”

The mayor did not have the final cost of making the changes available during an interview on Tuesday, October 27, but estimated it as several thousands of dollars. “The town was due for a new web site and new signage,” said Gruenwald Jr. promising to provide the actual financial cost. “It all came at the right time,” he added, “This also celebrates the 20th anniversary of the merger.” The mayor said major events celebrating this anniversary would be announced in the near future. “It’s all geared to happen with local community organizations involved in these activities coordinated by the Department of Recreation.” He congratulated Director General Chantal Lemieux and Community and Recreation Director Véronique Cunche for their work on, and continuing dedication to, the project.

The new web site was created to provide easier navigation for the visitor and easily accessible information according to the town’s press release. With a general activities calendar, an interactive map of the town and an online payment system, the site is a useful tool for local residents. It also highlights tourist attractions for visitors to the area along with pertinent information regarding the local business community and economic activity.

“Every department is responsible for making sure their information is on the web site,” said the mayor. “It is no longer the responsibility of one individual – it’s everyone’s responsibility to see that the ball does not get dropped.” Residents can register on the web site to receive information bulletins by email as well as registering for various activities.

“One of the concerns is the transmission of information in English because we do not have bilingual status,” said the mayor referring to a meeting he had attended at the residents association of the Hudson Club. “Where we stand right now, is that if someone comes to the town hall or a council meeting and addresses us in English, we will respond in English,” said Gruenwald Jr. “However, we cannot translate all these documents from French to English.”

To see Rigaud’s revamped website, go to http://www.ville.rigaud.qc.ca.

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