Letter to the editor 2, October 29, 2015

Dear Editor,

Most people in Hudson are aware of the way the town let down our group of artists who were commissioned by the town, without pay, to do paintings depicting the history of Hudson to celebrate Hudson's 150th Anniversary. The town promised us they would make good on their omission to give us what they originally promised (posters, brochures, a vernissage and advertising) by creating 5' by 18" banners of all our works to be displayed throughout the town and in Jack Layton Park. They also committed to advertising the vernissage for these works that would be displayed at the recent Hudson Artists' Show in early October, along with paying for the cost of the Wine and Cheese for said vernissage.

I was elected as the spokesperson for our group, and spent a lot of time talking with, emailing, and meeting with the Director of Culture and Tourism , hired by the town to handle such matters that involve the arts. I left for vacation September 28 having been assured that the banners, the advertising, and the vernissage would be taken care of....and was further assured that the banners would be printed and displayed before our show on the weekend of October 3rd. Imagine my surprise to return this week from my trip and not see a banner in sight! Imagine my further surprise to find out the director is on a temporary leave and that nobody from the town had been appointed to replace him to make sure that things for our show went as promised!

That is two times in a row the town has failed to meet their promise to the artists. How is it that local artists are so totally ignored when an artist from outside of Hudson can easily procure approximately $5000 from the town to hang branches from a chain in Jack Layton Park as part of the Celebration of Hudson's 150th? We deserve better than that, and I'd like to know how the town plans to compensate us for their latest "false promise".

Susan Snelgrove

One of the 15 commissioned artists


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