Letter to the editor 3, Oct. 15, 2015

Dear Editor,

How come the Conservative campaign has so much more visibility than the ABC (Anything But Conservative) campaign by the veterans? The answer is *money,* clearly. Could it be that money for the Conservative Party comes from Harper's cuts in the veteran affairs budget? Sure it comes from Conservative donors, but then too, many Conservative donors have been given well-paid government-appointed jobs during the last decade, so has the Harper government found an indirect way to pay the Conservative campaign with public funds?

A new database compiled by advocacy group SumOfUs Canada has found over 350 Conservative donors who have been given government-appointed jobs over the past 10 years and then donated money to the Conservative campaign. In total, that's more than 1 in 4 of all current government appointments, and over $760,000 in donations. SumOfUs found influential appointments in every corner of the country on dozens and dozens of different boards, commissions and tribunals, including:

The National Energy Board where five of 11 members are Conservative donors. The Parole Board of Canada, where at least 19 members are Conservative donors. The CBC, where nine of its 12 board members are Conservative donors. The Immigration and Refugee Board, where at least nine members are Conservative donors. The Canada Revenue Agency, where at least seven out of 15 board members are Conservative donors.

Is the Conservative Party rewarding money and loyalty with appointments paid for by taxpayers? Norman Molhant


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