Letter to the editor 2, Oct. 15, 2015

Dear Editor,

Halloween is a time of imaginary werewolves, vampires, ghosts and other nightmarish creatures and characters. Children show up at our doors dressed in discounted Walmart costumes and painted faces seeking treats. Hopefully the only monsters they come across on Halloween night are the ones handing out sour apples, stale candy or those hiding behind blacked out windows. It is a night of fantasy, fun and simple pleasures. A handful of candies or coins lights up a child’s face and brings a smile to yours.

Some Christian fundamentalists cry out that Halloween is an abomination in the sight of God. A time for people to manifest all the evil and wickedness that is in their hearts in a manner considered socially acceptable. What a crock of confectionery cow pie. If children were to truly manifest the evil and wickedness of this world that is socially acceptable they would go from door to door dressed in the three piece suites worn by the stock market manipulators and crooked businessmen who live in decadence while treating their victims with disdain.

They would dress in high fashion like the politicians whose sense of entitlement and self-importance has them accepting gifts and bags of money under and over the tables of our finest establishments while their constituents lie suffering, humiliated and unattended to on wet soiled sheets in the public corridors of hospital emergency wards or lose their cherished homes due to their inability to pay the escalating taxes.

They would dress in the clerical regalia of pious parasites who praise the name of God while feeding on the innocent, the lonely, the lost, the fearful, and the gullible. The abomination in the sight of God is not the image of a child dressed as a fairy princess standing with her open IGA bag waiting for a small gift of love but the nightly televised news reports of war, starvation, brutality, indifference, corruption and man’s inhumanity to man certainly is.

These are the monsters occupying this world of ours and they are far scarier than any innocent child showing up at the door dressed as a fictitious werewolf, vampire or ghost.

Keep the bogeyman away this Halloween- vote on Monday, October 19!

Frank Hicks,


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