Letter to the editor 3, Oct. 8, 2015

Dear Editor,

There are some people in Hudson that have nothing good to say about the mayor and council and most of the events, decisions and actions taken by them. When this administration took over it was presented with a proverbial Pandora’s Box of troubles, woes, corruption, debt and mismanagement. Ironically some of the strongest and loudest denouncers of this administration are the ones that stood silently by as all this was allegedly taking place.

I, myself, do not agree with all the decisions made by this administration but I realize that in a democracy my opinion is not the only one that counts. One decision by this administration that I am totally happy with was the decision made in front of a full house of my fellow citizens with no dissensions on August 3, 2015 to budget $10,000 for the filming of La petite séduction. For those unaware of this production, it’s a popular 1-hour French Canadian television program with over 1 million viewers and an 11-year successful run that is seen throughout Canada. The positive publicity given to any town chosen for this show is priceless and, if what I hear is true, because of the hard work of Nicholas Pedneault, our director of culture and tourism, Vincent Maranda our town clerk, Kelly Deegan our production assistant, and hundreds of volunteers, we came in under budget. I would like to thank the councillors who cared enough about this town and its citizens to volunteer their services for the event. Even God smiled upon this production by supplying beautiful weather and having a flock of Canadian Geese flying overhead during the filming. The Radio Canada production crew said they have so much beautiful footage of Hudson that they don’t know how they are going to cut.

This show is scheduled to be televised next spring and I encourage every one of you to take the time to view it. You will not be disappointed.

A big congratulations to Nicholas for a job well done in spite of the many obstacles thrown in his way. I wrote a letter to the editor (Your Local Journal, September 24) that began, “The television show ‘La petite séduction’ with its 1 million French Canadian viewers has extended the hand of friendship to our small predominately Anglophone community. Such a gracious gesture cannot go unanswered.” This letter was reposted on a popular Hudson website and the first response was a statement from a senior town administrator stating, "’Extended the hand of friendship’ is misleading please revise your copy.” When challenged it was stated that the production was costing the town $10,000 so my statement was deceiving. It is my belief that there was nothing disingenuous about my statement.

The amount paid out by this town was minuscule compared to the overall production cost and this popular show had many beautiful towns from which to choose. Having happily lived, after arriving from Ireland, for the last 67 years among French Canadians I am, and was, extremely proud to stand among them.

Thank you Mr. Mayor and all council members for supporting this very worthwhile endeavor.

Frank Hicks


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