Letter to the editor 3, October 1, 2015

Dear Editor,

Mr. Roloff has made some extremely generalizing statements that deserve another point of view, lest his rhetoric be misconstrued as truth (Your Local Journal, Letters, September 24).

Firstly, educating a child in an ‘English School System’ does not necessarily make them unilingual. A little bit of research would have shown Mr. Roloff that the English School boards work very hard on creating bilingual children in this province.

Secondly, I do not see the Anglophone community as xenophobic. I am unsure how Mr. Roloff comes to this conclusion. I would request him to back up this slander with some carefully chosen statistics, lest he label a whole group of people incorrectly.

Thirdly, his unbalanced view does not offer some of the trade-offs on picking the ‘French system.’ It is a sad truth that the graduation rate is much lower (see the Quebec report ‘Diplomation et Qualification Edition 2013’, and the quality of English coming out of many French Schools is subpar. That being said, there are lots of great ‘French System’ schools.

I will indulge in stating the real problem facing the Quebec Educational System. We need a fully bilingual school system, accessible to all, in order to create the most educated and competitive brains around. Settling for a ‘French System’ or ‘English System’ is definitely not the answer.

Marc Koran

St. Lazare

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